Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Which e-assessment/portfolio system?

Over the last few years, we have been searching for the perfect electronic assessment and recording system.   To help us collect our thoughts, I've put this post together, considering some of the pros and cons for some of the systems we have explored.   I will be adding to this post over the forthcoming weeks as we explore further.

Whilst the applications are all different, both in form and in general purpose, they all have similarities and things in common.  For example, all applications allow parental access in one form or another.  All allow evidence in the form of notes, photos and videos to be submitted by, for example, a teacher, linking to a particular pupil, group or class.   All platforms offer video tutorials.

We would be grateful for any additional thoughts that you may have on what we've put together so far.



  • Pupils able to add their own work to their journal in a variety of ways, including drawings, photos and videos.
  • Login for pupils is simple via QR codes (or traditional username/password)
  • Simple user interface; easy to use


  • When sharing with parents, the default is to share; whilst there is a private teacher folder, this is another step to ensure it is private
  • Whilst there is an assessment tracking system, this doesn't allow find grading at present.



  • Built for EYFS framework
  • Parents can add journal entries related to their own children


  • EYFS only
  • Teacher/LSA contributions only

Evidence for learning

  • Allows fine grading of judgements
  • Bespoke curriculum can be entered for assessment

  • Devices have to be paired
  • Struggling at the moment to see how to access data online via a PC.
  • No parental notification of teacher updates
  • Evidence tracking and assessment tracking seem to be separate processes

Classroom Monitor

  • Bespoke curriculum can be entered for assessment
  • Can be used for end of year school reports
  • Our staff have described the iPad app as difficult to use

Coming soon.....

Sims Learning Gateway/ Assessment Manager

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