Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blogging in Primary Schools

Why blog?

Communication and collaboration are two key words at the heart of blogging.  In schools where blogging is used well, achievements are celebrated, with the whole world having a 'virtual window' in to the life of the school.  Imagine children going home at the end of the day with parents already knowing part of what has been learnt, having seen a photograph or video clip on the class blog; could this be the end of the eternal answer of 'nothing' to the question, 'What have you done today?'.   Not only can achievements be celebrated, but blogs can be used to share day-to-day things going on in school, keeping parents up to date with things like homework or key dates and information. Pupil blogs can be a terrific tool for teaching our children to stay safe online, respecting privacy and developing an understanding of copyright.