Saturday, 30 September 2017

Interesting places to visit on Google Maps

I'm in the process of putting together a collection of interesting places to visit using Google Maps.

The locations should be set to open in street view format for easy access by students.

If using an iPad, the 360 degree views can be explored by moving the iPad around, giving a 'virtual reality'-like experience.

Location & Link Description
Furze Down School The location of our school.
Ashmolean Museum Museum in Oxford. Look out for the 360 degree views.
Google Street View- Explore Links to amazing places to visit around the world and in the oceans.
Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal in India is beautiful.
Mount Everest The world's highest mountain.
Oceans Oceans of the world
Ambrym Volcano 360 degree view of a Volcano
Airplane Boneyard Lots of aeroplanes!
Uluru Also known as Ayer's Rock
Hippo Pool Lots of hippos!
Penguin Rookery Antarctica
Grand Canyon Grand Canyon, USA
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
The Great Pyramid Egypt
Tower of London England
The home of football ;-)
Wembley Stadium London, England
Amazon rain forest Amazing views
Samburu Kenya
Great Wall China
Dubai Look for the palm tree shaped islands.
Burj Khalifa Tallest building in the world. Located in Dubai.
Eiffel Tower France
Machu Picchu Peru, South America
Il Duomo Florence, Italy


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