Monday, 2 January 2017

The amazing Class Dojo

I've just received our 'School Report' for the year from Class Dojo.  The highlights include:
  • 17 teachers in our school used ClassDojo
  • 7 parents connected to our school
  • 25 Story posts
  • 1,628 moments celebrated
  • On Task was the most awarded skill
If you've never heard of Class Dojo before, it is an online tool for celebrating the success of your pupils.  Incredibly for such a feature rich tool, it is completely free, and can be accessed from a PC or using the Class Dojo app on tablets.
Celebrating Pupil Moments Once a class is set up in Class Dojo (a simple process), Dojo points can be awarded, either using the preset 'skills' such as being 'on task', or using your own skills.  We have enjoyed setting up skills for different classes with our pupils, with suggestions generated by the children; this gives a little ownership back to the class.  Over the course of the school day, staff can then award Dojo Points.

Class Stories Photographs, weblinks and text can be communicated with the class and with parents (once they are connected - printable letters home can be produced from within Class Dojo) in the style of a traditional blog.

Individual Stories Parents can also view individual photographs and text that staff have posted related specifically to their child.  Many EYFS settings have tools such as Tapestry, EYLOG or 2Build a Profile that can share achievements in a similar way with parents, with parents often really missing such facilities when their children move higher up the school; if this is the case in your school, Class Dojo could be the answer.  Feedback from our trial period concluded with parents being very positive about having such glimpses into their child's learning, appreciating the pupil specific stories more than whole class stories.  Once parents have a login, they can also view the Dojo points award for their child.

Growth Mindset Class Dojo closely links to Growth Mindset, with an entertaining range of video clips viewable from the home page of Class Dojo.  As you would imagine, the clips are very positive and popular with pupils.

Rewards This is very much down to the individual teacher or school.  Certificates are available on the web that can be printed when pupils reach certain Dojo point levels, linking to the Dojo theme with 'Blue Belt' etc.  At our school, pupils loved receiving a hot chocolate with the head when a certain point total was reached.   Points awarded can be analysed over time, allowing any patterns to be considered by staff.

Any reservations? Class Dojo is web based.  The only reservation I have is that on the days when the Internet isn't working in school, no Class Dojo.  Other than this, Class Dojo comes highly recommended.

Class Dojo Website:

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